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1 / Upload files to your Dropbox folder

Everyone gets their own folder on the hard drive. You can put WHATEVER you want in there up to 100 GB each. Use your imagination! I'm going to go ham on this. I'll be putting in videos, photos, music, documents, 3D scans, my favourite YouTube videos, old Photoshop files, movies, predictions, etc.

Note: These files will be DELETED from Dropbox on June 30th!

DEADLINE June 30th, 2023

Link expired
2 / Submit recipes for the Ark of Thyme

This is the Crew Cookbook 2023. Submit your favourite recipes! Meals we've had together/at the Koo but also just great recipes you like that are worth sharing. Or invent a new one! I'll compile all the submissions into a little book.

DEADLINE - June 30th, 2023

3 / Decide what to bring for the time capsule

Something small. If we can't fit everything in the capsule we'll have to start by leaving out the largest items one by one until we can seal it.

DEADLINE - July 7th, 2023

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